About Us

Family Channel is a general entertainment channel like several other entertainment channels. It is supported by the advertising revenue, slot sales & program sponsorships. It’s purpose is to provide clean family entertainment promoting integrity, brotherhood and love amongst all people in society. It also has a mission to celebrate the nation's rich heritage, values and in particular the tamil culture. It also focuses on opening avenues for career development, opening the realm of new technology and promote knowledge for the young & also addresses the issues of the adolescent crisis, provides counselling for the teenagers and so on. It also provides wholesome entertainment through music, dance, drama, quiz, talk shows and debates.

It has cookery shows, healthcare shows, humanitarian (social welfare) programs promoting human care for the destitutes, for the aged, physically challenged and promotes healthy lifestyle. It also has spiritual programs which provide comfort, healing of broken hearts and teachings to acquire a divine nature. It also telecasts programs that informs viewers about real world issues.

The central mission of the channel is to celebrate the joy of togetherness and FAMILY by “celebrating love.”

Family Channel is owned by True Friend Management Support Services Pvt. Ltd. Its present clients are True friend Management Support Services Pvt.Ltd. with co clients such as Jesus Calls, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, KATE, KCS and SEESHA.